Support the Chilean 22!

UPDATE: Following thousands of emails from supporters across the world, and as a result of a strong union at Walmart's stores in Chile, the 22 workers who had been fired by Walmart have been rehired, with Walmart Chile conceding to all the demands of the union. Thank you for your support, as this effort could not have been successful without international solidarity.

An exciting movement is happening in Chile, pushing for sweeping changes to tax reform, a new social security system, new labor legislation, and more investment in health and education. Last week, workers across the country participated in a general strike, and Walmart's operations there were one target.
As a result Walmart, which operates as Linder in Chile, fired 22 workers who participated in the protest. 

Walmart was the only company in the country who fired workers for participating in the demonstrations.
Now Walmart is dragging its feet in engaging with the workers' representatives who are trying to resolve this issue.
Send a message to Enrique Ostale, CEO of Walmart Chile, and Karina Awad, the head of human resources for Walmart Chile, telling them to constructively engage with the workers' representatives immediately.  Walmart must not be allowed to take away workers' livelihoods for simply asserting their democratic rights.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here