Gov. Brown: Sign the Small and Neighborhood Business Protection Act

Please join Walmart Watch in calling on California Governor Jerry Brown to sign the Small and Neighborhood Business Protection Act, which has passed through the California Assembly and would require cities and counties to have an independent economic impact analysis prepared before deciding whether to approve an application to develop a large superstore in order to describe the real economic impact the superstore would have on a community.

Governor Brown,

We the undersigned ask that you sign Senate Bill 469, The Small and Neighborhood Business Protection Act.

Studies have shown that building a big box retailer can destroy more jobs than it creates. This legislation would require cities and counties to have independent economic analysis done to evaluate the real impact superstores would have on job growth and the economic well-being of the communities where they seek to operate.

We cannot rely upon a retailer’s claims that it will make a positive economic impact in California; we must make fact-based choices about allowing these superstores in to our communities. The Small & Neighborhood Business Protection Act will provide valuable information so Californians can make educated decisions about their economic well-being, not simply trusting the unverified claims of companies only seeking to enter new markets. Such retailers should prove that they creates good jobs paying good wages would result in increase income tax revenues for the state, not jobs which where employees must continue to rely upon state public assistance programs.
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